HALO’s main focus is education, particularly, that of the youth. In our efforts to remain a constant and supportive force in the education of our students we have many of our members involved in mentoring various students. Executive Director, Beatrice Cazeau mentors students from the Law Academy of Miami Edison Senior High School; Secretary General Dr. Merisier, an internist, is available to mentor medical school students from Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Angelo Gousse, a urologist, from the University of Miami has been mentoring students of various academic levels from high school to university level. HALO member Dr. Lherisson Domond, an obstetrician, has been mentoring students from Coconut Creek High School. Software Engineer Mr. Thedy Brezault is also available for mentoring in the Business career field. Members of HALO’s Youth Committee are also ready to serve as mentors and speakers primarily for the middle school and high school student population. HALO’s goal is to have a variety of well-prepared supporters, friends, and members of the organization to volunteer to be part of a mentorship program that is well structured.