Jackson Health System…HALO Haiti Day

Haiti Day is a celebration of the achievements and contribution of Haitians and individuals of Haitian descent who have contributed to the success of the largest health care system in South Florida, Jackson Health System (JHS). It is an acknowledgement of the outstanding care that JHS has provided, and continues to provide, to the Haitian community. A joint venture of the Jackson Health System and HALO, hence the name JHS-HALO Haiti Day, the objective is to promote and celebrate the Haitian culture thereby allowing others to come and share Haiti’s rich cultural heritage on that day. This celebration takes place in May on the grounds of JHS in front of the Alamo. Nominated employees of the Jackson Health System of Haitian ancestry are recognized and awarded for their commitment, dedication, and contribution both to the Jackson Health System as well as to the community. Various community organizations including businesses, nonprofit organizations and schools are on hand for that celebration. It is a beautiful day of Haitian arts & crafts, literature, music, and last but not least Haitian food!!