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The Haitian American Leadership Organization, HALO, is an established non-profit organization whose main objectives are promoting education, fostering unity, promoting networking, and improving the image of Haitians throughout South Florida.

Our Mission

  • Support and promote the development of future leaders through education
  • Provide a link between existing community organizations to facilitate networking.
  • Provide a platform for our thought leaders and experts from all academic, professional, and technical backgrounds to exchange ideas, collaborate, and share their knowledge with our community.
  • Improve the image of Haitians throughout South Florida, and promote excellence in our community.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to empower the Haitian community to be better represented in South Florida and the community at large, and to better coordinate the efforts of the Haitian Diaspora to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti.

HALO Sponsored Programs [Donate]

The HALO Family

Members and supporters are the driving force behind HALO. It is with your continued support that we are able to see our mission through. We welcome all of you to join in whatever capacity you are able; every little bit counts and together we can make a difference and bring about changes for the better in the Haitian community. Becoming a member or supporter of HALO is easy.

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