Save the Date:: 2008 Convention will be January 25–27 at Barry University

[Yvrose Gilles]

Yvrose Gilles
Yvrose S. Gilles is an educator and writer. She obtained a BA at Barnard College of Columbia University and did her post-graduate studies at Bank Street College and at Teachers College of Columbia University. She is the founder of Her most recent work is Haiti’s Gift to the World. Her insight into Haitian history helped to clarify many of the songs and rituals presented in the upcoming book Rememberance: Roots, Rituals and Reverence in Vodou.

Her travels keep her grounded in Haitian culture while giving her evidence of how the people of Ginen have countributed to the making of the Americas. Through her mother, Dekam, Ms. Gilles is descendant of the Nanchon Mede of Sierra Leone, earning her the title, Rasin-Mede. Other Lwa Rasin in her family connect her with the city of Freda, Dahomey more commonly known as Wida and with the Nanchon Nago-Oyo of Nigeria. When not working with her husband Jerry M. Gilles on various projects, they are busy raising their two children, Tayina Sejàn and Jarad Benin.

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