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[Onesky Aupont]

Onesky Aupont, MD, MPH, MA, PhD
Dr. Onesky Aupont is a native of Haiti, with extensive knowledge and leadership experience in policies and interventions to manage and improve maternal child health, behavioral health and chronic illnesses in primary care, including an understanding of barriers to implementing of clinical research and quality of care improvement in those settings particularly in developing countries.

Trained in child survival, infectious diseases, and international health in the US and abroad, he is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at University of Massachusetts Medical School. Over the past 15 years, his clinical work and research interests have lead to collaborations with some of the world's leading international health agencies including WHO/PAHO, UNICEF, USAID, The World Bank, and with some of the world most prestigious academic institutions. He has also contributed significantly to Global Health initiatives worldwide but particularly throughout Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal, and in the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic and Haiti. A major effort in these initiatives is his contribution to projects to identify the determinants of and to improve clinicians’ prescribing behavior in order to disseminate rational drug use (RDU) for Integrated Management of Child Health (IMCI), HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases in developing countries.

Currently, Dr. Aupont holds faculty appointments at the Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Public Health, and at UMASS Medical School where he also serves as the Study Director of the University of Massachusetts Center for the National Children Study.

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