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[Marc Antoine Leveille]

Marc-Antoine Léveillé
(Life a legacy to fulfill and pass-on)

Marc-Antoine Léveillé grew-up in Haiti. There, in Pétion-Ville, he attended primary school at a Jesuit institution, "Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne". He then attended a private secondary school in Port-au- Prince, "Collège Roger Anglade". Beginning in 1987, he pursued tertiary education in the United States of America where he earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Manufacturing (1992) and an MS in Environmental and Urban Systems (1995).

In addition, besides his professional career experience within the Miami-Dade county government as Tax Assessor, Environmental Engineer, US Census Bureau officer and currently as an Educator of mathematics and science, he has been very much involved in community activities. Namely, as a member and past chairman of the Haitian-American Association of Engineers and Scientists (HAES) he contributed to technical and humanitarian interventions in Florida and in Haiti. His extra-curricular involvements include environmental clean-ups, technical assessment of scientific/engineering projects, mentoring and tutoring of challenged students, conferencing on technical topics like GIS (geographic information systems), GPS (global positioning system), urban networks planning, eco-friendly ventures and literature research on similar topics. He serves as technical advisor to the NLCHM (National Leadership Conference of Haitian Mayors); he is the Chairperson of the R&D Committee for the non-profit Gonâve Development Corporation and volunteers in GPS development at Haiti’s Episcopal University.

Marc-Antoine has been awarded two HAES chairman awards for his contribution to HAES’ goals, he received an outstanding citizen commendation from Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas and many recognitions from various non-profit institutions.

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