Save the Date:: 2008 Convention will be January 25–27 at Barry University

Convention 2008 - Speaker Biographies

Karen Andre
Onesky Aupont

Guerna Blot

Fatima Calixte
Jean Caze
Marlene Cesar
Claude Charles

Jacques Despinosse

Marie Etienne
Bernard Eugene
Gary Eugene

Jerry Gilles
Ralph Gilles
Yvrose Gilles
Angelo Gousse

Serge Hyppolite

Maria Levasseur
Marc-Antoine Léveillé

Odianne Medacier
Herold Merisier
Burnet Moise
Regine Monestime

Elizabeth Philippe

Yolly Roberson
Roshell Rosemond

Aude Sicard

Gracelle Toussaint
Roland Toussaint

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