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Aude Sicard
Aude M.L. Sicard was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and moved to Waukegan, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois in 1977. Ms. Sicard obtained a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Health Care Management at University of Phoenix, and a double major in Criminal Justice and Political Sciences at Florida International University. Ms. Sicard began her professional career in 1983 at Jackson Memorial Hospital where she currently works as a Managed Healthcare Analyst.

Ms. Sicard’s involvement in the socio-economic and political challenges of the Haitian community began in 1982 with the Haitian American Benevolent Association (HABA). HABA was a not for profit organization whose mission was to assist the transition of the first wave of Haitians newly arrived in Homestead and Florida City. Ms. Sicard became a Guardian, an advocate for children’s rights with the Guardian Ad Litem. She was the first Haitian woman to own her own boutique in an economic development project by Ford Foundation in 1991, at the Caribbean Market Place in Little Haiti. "Fifi’s Boutique" brought to the community custom jewelry made in Haiti, French perfumes, lingerie, cosmetics and a variety of items nostalgically sought after by this immigrant population.

Ms. Sicard’s political interests lead to an internship in Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek’s office, 1994. She was Vice-Chair of the Democratic Club of Broward; a founding member and Co-Chair of the Haitian American Political Action Committee (HAPAC). Her civic engagement education on voting rights through radio and television programs culminated in the presence of many Haitian elected in office today. A founding member of the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition, when all seemed lost her leadership marked the successful passage of the Haitian Immigration Fairness Act of 1998 (HRIFA). Her activism includes to name a few the implementation of a Community Liaison position in the Fort-Lauderdale Police Department, secured the presence of a Haitian person in Miami-Dade County’s Mayor’s office, and the re-instatement of a Haitian doctor resident who was terminated and denied a certification of completion two (2) weeks before his residency program ended.

Ms. Sicard has appeared in numerous radio and TV programs. She hosted her own TV show Access to Health Care with WLRN Cable Tap, and was on Channel 4 with the Elian saga, and most recently Channel 10 concerning the current situation in Haiti. For two years, she hosted her own show "Miromax" on Planet 17 Radio. The show covered current events with a focus on politic and access to healthcare. Through her TV and radio shows, she educated the population on responsibilities to civic duties; and covered topics of interest to the community, from Census 2000 to Get out the Vote (GOTV), police profiling, patient’s rights and others.

Ms. Sicard is the founder and President of Women Alliance of Miami-Dade & Broward, Inc. (WAMDB). Incorporated in 1991, dissolved in 1993 after Hurricane Andrew, WAMDB was re-instated in 1998. Women Alliance of Miami-Dade & Broward, Inc.’s mission is to advocate for children and immigrant women, with a focus on access to health care. WAMDB is a strong advocate of many issues affecting access to health care by low-income and undocumented immigrants. The Miami Herald featured Ms. Sicard as an advocate for Access to Health Care by immigrants in their Thanksgiving Specials in 2005. As an employee of Jackson Health System she is instrumental in a few changes in policy to the benefit of patients access to health care.

Ms. Sicard is a columnist in Main Stream, a local newspaper. Her articles bring awareness about the complexities of the health care industry in the U.S.A. She has an article about Immigrant Elders Access to Health Care published by the Florida Commission on the Status Of Women in their 2006 Annual Report.

Ms. Sicard served on several boards: Friends of Profamil, Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board, Miami-Dade County Affirmative Action Board, Haitian Neighborhood Center, Sant La, Haitian American Grassroots Coalition, Haitian American Political Action Committee, Society of Haitian American Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Inc. (SHAPE), Haitian American Political Society of South Florida, Haitian American Democratic Club of Broward, Association Cayenne of South Florida and others.

Ms. Sicard is the recipient of several awards and certificates of appreciation as follows:
Certificate of Appreciation – City of North Miami - 2007
Certificate of Appreciation – Miami-Dade County Mayor and Commissioners – 2006
Certificate of Appreciation, City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz – 2005
Proclamation, City of Miami, Haiti Bicentennial Committee - 2005
Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Health, Bureau of Refugee Health – 2004
Certificate of Appreciation, Jackson Health System, contribution to victims of Hurricane Jeanne in Haiti
Certification of Appreciation, Alliance for Human Services - 2004
Employee of the Year 2004 - Jackson Health System
Certificate of Appreciation, Florida Department of Health, Bureau of TB & Refugee Health - 2004
Plaque - Women of Impact Award 2003
Proclamation: Miami-Dade County, Mayor Alex Penelas - 2002
Certificate, Commission on the Status of Women City of Miami - 2002
Award, Hispaniola - 2002
Proclamation, Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler,"Women of Distinction"- 2001
Proclamation, Miami-Dade County Commissioners for Immigration Advocacy – 2000
Plaque: 1998 - Haitian American Grassroots Coalition
Award: 1987 - Haitian Organization of Women

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